Design Innovation of the Year

Top four nominees...
  1. Lantal, Grammer, N+P, Sekisui Kydex - The Nordstern Seating System
  2. Tricon Design - Bike Rack
  3. Nose Design - FLIRT Nordic Express
  4. EAO - Clean Touch Coating 
We are delighted to announce that the winners of Design Innovation of the Year is...

The Nordstern Seating System - Lantal, Grammer, N+P, Sekisui Kydex

Grammer’s innovative modular magnesium seat structure technology enables the leap towards real passenger-centric design, making any interior both accessible and inclusive. Instead of relying on voluminous foams in the backrest, the magnesium system utilizes sustainable thermoplastics from SEKISUI KYDEX and comfortable MESH fiber seat covers from Lantal. While this facilitates circularity, different layouts and configurations are also made possible. Depending on the individual use case, the seats can provide more comfort, privacy, and safety while using the same space as traditional seat decks.